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Monday, October 8th 2007

Poker Tournament 2007 Classification RoundsThe First Caribbean International Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament took place last week at the Excelsior Casino, located on the Holiday Inn Aruba.

The six (6) round tournament had a registration fee of US$ 1650 with one rebuy of US$ 800. Before the clasification rounds, satellite (US$ 185 per seat) and turbo satellite (US$ 320 per seat) tournaments took place that guaranteed two (2) seats for the classification rounds.

The week was full of activity, and the presence of international poker stars added to the emotion. Players from Latin American Countries like Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, along with players from Canada and the United States, made this event one of the most important events on this area of the Caribbean.

Caribbean International Poker Trournament 2007 - StaffThe First Caribbean International Texas Hold-Em Tournament 2007, had among its players Russ Hamilton, Robert Williamson and Freddy Deeb, special guests for the event. Some of the renowned poker players participating on the event also inlcuded Jhon Cernuto, Alex Brenes, Bonnie Leinhos, Steven Buckner, Joanne Liu, Lee Markholt, Lawrence Hughes, Jim Worth, Karlo Lopez.

The First annual Caribbean International Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament at the Excelsior Casino in Aruba had a total of 171 registrations and accumulated a total of US$ 316,850 for prices. Places 37 to 11 received a total of US$ 66,300 (US$ 2,550 each) and places 10 to 1 received a total of US$ 250,550.

On Saturday, October 6th at 8:30pm after the welcome speach from Martha (Poker Room Manager) and the words "Shuffle Up and Deal" from Tounament Director Mauro Caballero the last day of the tournament started. At 3:29am on Sunday, October 7th, the final table was defined, when Jose Severino called an All-In from James Andrade to take him out of the tournament.

Caribbean International Poker Tournament 2007 - WinnersIt was a long day for all the players, however, it took Panama's Jose Severino, chip leader comming into the final table, only three (3) hours to take the tournament prize of US$ 101,500. Second Place was for United States Steven Buckner with a prize of $40,700 and third place for Canadian Dave Curti with a prize of $30,700.


Jose Severino 1 $ 101,500.00
Steven Buckner 2 $ 40,700.00
Dave Curti 3 $ 30,700.00
Jaime Montero 4 $ 20,900.00
Hernan Villa 5 $ 14,500.00
Pierre Saouma 6 $ 10,300.00
Alex Brenes 7 $ 8,700.00
Laurence Hughes 8 $ 7,800.00
Victor Lemos 9 $ 6,700.00
John Cernuto 10 $ 6,200.00

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