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Wednesday, October 8th 2008

The Second annual Caribbean International Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament took place last week at the Excelsior Casino, located on the Holiday Inn Aruba.

Poker Tournament 2007 Classification RoundsThe six (6) round tournament had a registration fee of US$ 1650 with one rebuy of US$ 800. Before the clasification rounds, satellite (US$ 185 per seat) and turbo satellite (US$ 320 per seat) tournaments took place that guaranteed two (2) seats for the classification rounds.

The week was full of activity. Players from Latin American Countries like Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, along with players from Canada and the United States, once more made this event one of the most important events on this area of the Caribbean.

The Second annual Caribbean International Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament at the Excelsior Casino in Aruba had a total of 162 registrations and accumulated a total of US$ 300,000 for prices.

Panama's Jose Severino and Victor Lemos, repeated the final table this year. Severino who won the torunament on 2007, was fourth this year, and Lemos a well deserved third place.

It took Venezuela's Jorge Arias, 7 hours and until 5 in the morning of Sunday, October 9th, to win the torunament's US$ 100,000 prize and the title of Champion of the 2008 edition of the Caribbean International Poker Tournament.

Caribbean International Poker Tournament 2007 - WinnersSecond place was for Asderibal Elias, also from Venezuela with a US$ 40,000 prize and Panama's Victor Lemos took third place with a prize of US$ 20,000.


Jorge Arias 1 $ 100,000.00
Asderibal Elias 2 $ 40,000.00
Victor Lemos 3 $ 20,000.00
Jose Severino 4 $ 12,000.00
Hernan Reyes 5 $ 7,500.00
Bijan Zahmat 6 $ 7,000.00
Joe Arango 7 $ 6,500.00
Ricky Blu 8 $ 6,000.00
John Robertson 9 $ 5,500.00
Mario Donoso 10 $ 5,500.00

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